Frequently Asked Questions

Shortening / Ending the ticket

Last update 27.03.2024

After purchasing / issuing a ticket, one can terminate the ongoing parking in zones in Bratislava and in Košice before the ticket’s validity expires. Zones, where ticket termination is allowed are marked with a notice about the possibility of shortening parking in the ticket purchase detail.

After purchasing/issuing a ticket, a screen displaying the successful purchase of the ticket will appear. In the Parking tickets section, in addition to the option to Extend parking, there will also be an option to End parking.


After pressing the End Parking button, information about the parking duration (current time) will appear, and it is necessary to confirm the termination of parking by sliding the End Parking action button. After successful termination, a screen will display the final price of the parking ticket and the validity period of the ticket.


A simplified tax invoice will be sent to the email after the ticket expires, no later than 24 hours.

The exact amount for parking will appear in your Internet banking app after it is settled, which can take several working days depending on the bank.

Rules for shortening a ticket in the PAAS system: 

If parking is ended within 15 minutes from the start, the ticket will be terminated with the duration of at least 15 minutes because the minimum parking length in PAAS Bratislava for paid tickets is limited to 15 minutes by the legislation, and minimum sum of the parking fee must not be less than 0,05 EUR.

If there is a ticket issued using the bonus or visitor card, where minute-based billing is supported, it will be terminated at the current time, thus at least 1 minute after the validity of the ticket begins.

Rules for shortening a ticket in the city of Košice:

If an active ticket is terminated 1 minute after creation, the amount for the ticket will be 0€ – a complete cancellation of the ticket occurs. If parking ends within 15 minutes from the start of parking, the ticket will be concluded for a duration of at least 15 minutes, because the minimum parking duration in KE zones is set to 15 minutes according to the valid General Binding Regulation (VZN).