Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the time credit and pay for parking in PAAS Bratislava via the ParkDots mobile app?

Last update 28.06.2022

The possibility to pay parking fees and use parking permits with time credit (visitor and bonus parking permits) in the PAAS Bratislava system is already available in the ParkDots mobile app.

  1. If you are in a regulated zone and have localisation enabled, the app will offer you the option to purchase a ticket.  If you are not in the zone, you can find it by its name or numerical code (e.g. “3008 Kukučínova”) or by scrolling on the map.
  2. Make sure that the code of the selected location is the same as the code on the green sign indicating the parking section. Click the “Buy Ticket” button.
  3. In the payment screen, you must select the parking time and the vehicle registration number of the parked vehicle.
  4. If there is a valid Bonus Permit for the vehicle registration number on which time credit is available, it will be applied automatically. The system will inform you about the credit balance after the ticket is issued. If the amount of credit is not sufficient for the entire duration of the parking time, the remaining time should be paid by using a payment card. The amount to be paid will be automatically calculated by the system.
  5. In the “home” zone it is possible to use the Visitor Permit. If you have a permit assigned to your user account and there is sufficient credit on it, you can select it from the payment options when purchasing a ticket. A non-logged-in user has the option to add a Visitor Permit by entering its identification code or by scanning the QR code. If the credit balance on the permit is lower than the required parking duration, the parking duration must be reduced (as the remaining time cannot be topped up, as with the Bonus Permit).
    • The PAAS Bratislava system does not currently allow an extension of the ticket purchased with Visitor Parking Permit. If you need to purchase a follow-up ticket, you need to purchase it after the original ticket has expired.
  6. In case you have a discount permit for disabled persons or an electric car on your vehicle registration number, the discount on the parking fee will be automatically applied.