Frequently Asked Questions

Paying a ticket in a car park with a barrier (garage)

Last update 21.10.2022
  1. Locate the car park on the map or go to the Parking Tickets section.
  2. Press Pay Ticket and find the car park where you parked your car and for which a ticket was issued.
  3. The system will display a screen to enable camera use if you have not already set that permission. Once the permission has been set, the system will display a screen for you to scan the ticket.
  4. If you are unable to scan the ticket, you can also enter the ticket number manually by pressing the pencil in the ticket scanning screen.
  5. After scanning the ticket/entering the ticket number, the system will show you the amount of the parking fee.
  6. To pay for parking, swipe the Swipe to Pay action or Go to Pay (if you do not have a payment card saved).
  7. Once payment is made, you will see a payment confirmation screen, the receipt will arrive in your email, and you will also see the ticket in the Parking Tickets section.