Frequently Asked Questions

How can I temporarily change the vehicle registration number on my parking permit?

Last update 06.03.2024

Temporary change of the vehicle registration number on a parking permit (residential, abonent, bonus card, etc.) is possible in the PAAS Bratislava system up to four times a year for a total of 21 days without giving a reason (limit is applied for each card separately). The following procedure describes how you can do it:

  1. Open the ParkDots Permits web application and log in using your login name (email) and password. Once logged in, open the detail of the particular parking permit.
  2. Press the action “Temporarily change the vehicle registration number.”
  3. Fill in the required information on the form.
  4. Once the change is made, the original parking permit will be temporarily invalidated and a new valid parking permit will be created for the new vehicle registration number.
  5. You may extend or terminate the change as needed.
  6. When the change expires, the temporarily invalidated (original) parking permit will automatically be reset as a valid one.

Please note, that it is required to do the change for each parking card separately.