Registration and Login

Last update 30.08.2022

Úvodná stránka s tagom číslo 1


The homepage lists cities, in which the user can apply for a parking permit. To create an application, logging into the system is required. If the user is completely new, they must first register.


After clicking the register action, a window opens into which the user can enter their email and password. These details will be used later when logging in.

Registračný formulár s tagmi číslo 2 a 3

To complete the registration, the user clicks Register.
If the user wants to log in instead of registering, they select the login action, which allows them to log in with their existing login credentials.

Email obdržaný po registrácii s tagom číslo 4


After filling in the necessary data, the user will receive a link through the provided email, which must be clicked to confirm the registration.

The user will then be logged into the system.


After clicking the login action (in the header of the page or in the text of the notification), a window opens into which the user can enter their email and password.

Prihlasovací formulár s tagmi číslo 5 a 6

To reset the password, the user clicks on Forgotten Password in the login window (see “Reset Password”).
If the user wants to register instead of logging in, they select the register action, which allows them to register with a new email and thus create a new account (see “Registration”).

Password Reset

This is used when the user has forgotten the password to the system.

Dialóg pri resete hesla

The user enters their email address and confirms it with the action. They will then be able to enter a new password and confirm it.
After this, they can open the page again and the system will open the home screen for parking permits.

The password can also be changed directly within the user profile (see “Profile/Password change”).