Completion of the Application

Last update 16.08.2022

After the application has been created and sent for approval, the system or the contact point personnel may find that some of the data in the application needs to be added or corrected. In this case, the application will be returned to the Awaiting Completion status.

An email will be sent to the user notifying them that the application needs to be completed, along with a description of why the application has been returned for completion and what needs to be added to the application for it to be processed successfully.

Above the application in the Awaiting Completion status, the user can see the Complete action on the homepage, in the user profile, in the Applications and Parking Permits section. A link to the application to be completed will also be sent to the user’s email.

In the application details, the user will see text stating the reason for returning the application for completion.

The user may also complete the application in the user profile, in the Applications and Parking Permits section.

Prepracovanie žiadosti o zoznamu
Prepracovanie žiadosti z emailu

After clicking the complete action, the user is presented with an application that contains all the pre-populated data from the original application. The user proceeds the same way as when creating a new application – moving to the individual screens for entering and editing data. The user can only fill in the fields that the system allows them to and edit the data that prevented the application from being approved. The user is able to delete and re-upload attachments or add attachments that are necessary for the application to be approved.

After filling in the data, the user presses the Finish action, and the application goes through the automatic approval process again.