Application for a Visitor Permit

Last update 30.08.2022

Only a user whose permanent residence is in a zone for which a resident permit can be issued is eligible for a visitor permit. If a resident permit has already been issued for the specific flat, the credit on the visitor permit will be 100 hours. If there is no resident permit for the flat, the credit on the issued visitor permit will be 150 hours. If the user is a disabled person, the credit will be 500 hours per year.

To confirm the completion, click Continue.

Výber karty s tagmi číslo 1, 2, 3 a 4

In the Parking Permit Type section, select “Návštevnícka karta” (Visitor Permit) as the parking permit type.
The Parking Permit User and Residential Zone fields cannot be changed, they are pre-populated automatically.
The validity period of the permit is set to 1 year and also cannot be changed.
You can set the start date of the parking permit to the desired date – later than the current date.

The next step is the “Applicant” screen, where the applicant’s details are filled in. The user can only fill in a phone number. This is followed by the applicant’s address details. The user can change the value in the relationship to the property field. The other data is pre-populated and cannot be changed by the user. If some of the data is not filled in, this does not prevent the application from being sent. The missing data will have to be added in the Attachments section (otherwise the system will not allow the application to be finished).

Žiadateľ a tag s číslom 5

Consents that the user must mark in order to continue. Data that is not mandatory for the application is marked as optional; the other data must be entered if the system allows it. The Back action returns the user to the previous screen “Permit Selection”.

Clicking Continue will take the user to the “Attachments” section. Here the system will notify the user of the attachments required for the application to be approved. If the system evaluates that no attachments need to be added, the user will be presented with a notification and the Finish action will become clickable.

If the system assesses the need for attachments, the user will insert the necessary attachments either by clicking on the link and then selecting the file from the device or by dragging the file from the computer into the indicated box.

Špecifikovanie nahratých príloh modál s tagom číslo 6

Once the attachments have been uploaded, the user is presented with a window where it is necessary to specify the file type by selecting one or more options. By clicking Back, the user returns to the previous step.

Prílohy a tagy s číslom 7 a 8

The pencil icon indicates the option to edit the attachment and the recycle bin icon indicates the option to delete the attachment.
The Finish action completes the application process.

Dokončenie žiadosti, posledný krok wizardu

After “Finishing”, a summary of the basic data in the application will be displayed. The user has the option to return to the home page by clicking on Go to Overview of Applications and Permits.

A successfully submitted application will be displayed to the user immediately on the homepage or in the profile in the Applications and Parking Permits section. The user has the option to open its details.

If the system has assessed that verification of the attached documents is required, the status of the application will change to “For approval”.

Zoznam kariet a tag s číslom 11

If verification is not necessary, the application will automatically be changed to the “Issued” status and a Parking Permit in the “Valid” status will be created. An email will be sent to the user notifying them that the application has been approved as well as an email notifying them that the parking permit has been issued.

If a Resident Parking Permit HAS already BEEN issued to the address, it will contain a credit of 100 hours.

If a Resident Parking Permit has NOT been issued to the address, the Visitor Permit will contain a credit of 150 hours.